A Total Junker

A Total Junker: metamemoir in eleven slices had just been published by Holy Fool Press, Bozeman, MT.


It is comprised of twelve volumes:

0   Junkmail: brochure, a prospectus

1   Half Junk, a year of Facebook

2   An Old Junker, blog novel

3   Clunker Junker,  protometamemoir

The Junkman Cometh, family saga—scrapbook of a time, a place

5   Newsjunkie, journalism

6   Junker’s Blues, a summer’s journal

7   Dear Howard, epistolary/graphic novel

8   The Junkpile, fiction

9   Junkets, photoessay

10   Yo Junker, travelogue

11   Junker’s I, typographic tale

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