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Pop-up Wrap-up

My Pop-Up, Site-Specific Book Tour ran for  nine days: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9. The Bay Citizen ran an interview online. The Associated Press covered the phenomenon; the story

An old street poet

As poet Jean Vengua noted in her blog: I liked the rejection slip I received from ZYZZYVA years ago. It was so


To see me reading at  the Variety Preview room, click here.

Le Diner @ SF

Friday’s all-white, flash-mob dinner at the Music Concourse in GG Park was


Click here for [Joyce Thompson's] HTMLGIANT review of AOJ.

Summer at SPD

Last summer, AOJ came in at 16th at Small Press Distribution.

Tuesday’s pop-up

started at 11 a.m., at SFMOMA, where, in the outdoor cafe, I accosted a woman from Vienna, to whom I read my take on Vermeer (last April, I flew from Amsterdam to

Coming Out

At first, I thought my relationship with Katherine Heigl, star of Zyzzyx Road, one of the lowest grossing movies of all time, would speak for itself. But, as an aspirational public figure, an author seeking to promote his book, it seems I am going to to be forced to answer questions about my sexuality and [...]

Monday’s pop-up

started at 11 a.m., at Omnivore Books, where I denounced foodieism, thence to Mission Branch, Public Library, where I read my take on Hard Times, thence to Mission Pie for some banana cream, thence past some dog shit (which you don’t see all that much on sidewalks any more) thence to UCSF’s Mission Bay campus [...]

Saturday’s pop-up

started at noon, at Whole Foods on Haight: Bodie’s grandmother, in town from Kingston, NY, requested something about “the fifties,” so I read her my piece about my classmate Skinny, who had been struck down by polio in ’54. thence to Coco-luxe: I read my take on hot chocolate to Malik, whose family’s from Palestine; [...]