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Combs Over

In keeping with the ancient Sanskrit advisory to simplify my life, I chucked my combs yesterday. I had two: a pink one with a handle and a faux tortoise shell with fine/coarse teeth. eBay never entered my mind, but perhaps I should have put them in storage, until Junker House is opened to the public [...]

Vermeer: Nails & Nail Holes

I don’t know who invented the trompe l’oeil nail (sticking out from the surface of a painting); it may have been some dude decorating a tomb in southern Italy circa 300 BCE. It doesn’t matter; it’s always been a popular trope. Vermeer, though, did a great job with nail holes, especially

Shot by Michael Martone

Michael Martone, who never forgives or forgets, has ransacked memory lane to reveal evidence of a photo session with the author (in the basement of the Cliff House) while he (Martone) was visiting San Francisco some years ago to help conduct a ZYZZYVA writers workshop.

U read it here first

The NY Times reports today on a Chicago restaurant that books & looks like a theater. As  An Old Junker pointed out, in March of last year: Dinner at a restaurant is a more satisfying cultural experience than going to the theater because: There’s no service charge just for making a reservation. If you’re an [...]


After I had invented the fireplace candelabra, I went online to see what the derivation of “candelabra” might be, and then, just for the

Quiet Lightning

Last Monday, I read from my short story, “The Other Side,” in the Conservatory of Flowers with Quiet Lightning. Click here.

Mon Semblable

According to FaceR, a free iPhone app, I resemble: 1) Paul Weller, whoever he is 2) Tom Petty 3) Bob Marley This is presumably a beta reading and further

Cold Gratitude

My passion is for hot chocolate, but I was also delighted last week with Cafe Gratitude‘s quite cold “Raw Cacao Milkshake,” despite the artisanal price of $8:

Recent Events

1 August, Monday, at the Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, Quiet Lightning‘s Evan Karp previews the lineup: I read my North Dakota mountain-climbing story, my first fiction in print (photo: Julie Michelle): 29 July, Friday, 7 p.m.: Solo reading at Press: Works  on Paper, 3492 22nd St. (Dolores) Click here for a glimpse.