Pop-up Book Tour (2011)

My 2011Pop-Up, Site-Specific Book Tour ran for  nine days: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8,,,

The Associated Press covered the phenomenon, without quite getting the story. The reporter was distracted, perhaps, by being pulled off, midstream, to cover a suburban massacre. She started doing a marketing story, but bumped it up to a profile (and lost the marketing angle—and the fun of it). And she didn’t interview me, and didn’t, apparently, take much note of my blog. Although the story was picked up by some 165 newspapers around the country, and by the Huff Post, Salon, etc.. Sadly, it failed to monetize: maybe half a dozen copies sold. And no old girlfriends got back in touch.

The Bay Citizen also did an interview, early on.

from My press release:

What is a pop-up book tour?

* An innovation in guerrilla marketing
* A reaching-out to an oblivious, but surprisingly welcoming public
* A lark, a venture away from the desk, into the world
* A desperate, symbolic gesture on behalf of a text with minimal (mass) appeal
* A parody of the standard tour

Where have I read on my conventional tour?

…a dive bar, an indie bookstore, a cafe, the Conservatory of Flowers, a movie screening room

Where have I already read on the pop-up tour?

…a golf course, the Presidio cemetery, a phone booth, Whole Foods, Mission Bay, The Beat Museum, an art gallery, a Muni bus (the Geary Limited), the park across from Danielle Steele’s house, the Frost memorial (on Market), Gleason Library Rare Book Room (USF)….


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