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Top Ten Gift Thoughts

from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, hint, hint: 10. Video Surveillance Clock 9. Remote Controlled Rolling

Teasing Jonathan Lethem

In his latest collection, The Ecstasy of Influence, Jonathan Lethem recalls the fate of the story he hoped would allow him to break into print. It was in early nineties; he was working as the fiction clerk at Moe’s Books in Berkeley. He submitted it first to then-great hero-editor Gordon Lish,

Heizer’s Rock on its Way

A giant rock found by artist Michael Heizer is being moved, slowly, toward an installation at LACMA. In August, 1969, I observed his first Levitated Mass in Nevada. Here’s my take on the adventure. Heizer, then 25, was quite pleased to have found a 70-ton rock. which actually exceeded the rated capacity of