U read it here first

The NY Times reports today on a Chicago restaurant that books & looks like a theater.

As  An Old Junker pointed out, in March of last year:

Dinner at a restaurant is a more satisfying cultural experience than going to the theater because:
There’s no service charge just for making a reservation.
If you’re an early bird, cool; if you’re more of a night owl, also possible.
You don’t pay in advance, so you don’t have to go if something else comes up or you change your mind.
You can have a drink before and during.
You can access your seat without trampling on your neighbors.
The price of dinner is included.
If you’re hungry for something, you can order it.
If you like classical, you can go with appetizer, entrée, dessert.
If you don’t like what you’re served—underdone, wrong vintage, spoiled—you can have it replaced.
If you’ve made a mistake, nobody’s going to shove it down your throat for the rest of the evening.
Your every need is attended to, often by young and attractive M.F.A. students, wannabee artists, even actors.
You can give voice to your ideas and feelings without pissing off your neighbors.
You can use the restroom whenever you want.
Not hard to stay awake because you’re not stuffed already.
Nobody tries to bore you, flood you with angst, alienate you—or even make you think.
No singing, no dancing (unless you’re very unlucky).
No need to demonstrate your appreciation by making noise at the end.
If you’ve really been ill served, you can stiff the waitron.
Gourmet parking. 3/02/10

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