Ai Weiwei, Jeff Nunokawa & Me

Ai Weiwei’s Blog: Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009 was published earlier this year by MIT Press; it covers the same period as An Old Junker.

In the July 4th New Yorker, Rebecca Mead reported that Princeton English prof Jeff Nunokawa offers a daily “note” to his 3,000 Facebook friends (mostly his students). He began in 2006 as well, “as an alternative to burdening his students with too many exhortatory e-mails.”

Personally, Nunokawa views his daily, first-thing-in-the-morning note as “almost like a Lacanian session.”

A book may be forthcoming; Nunokawa  “used to think of his notes as a prolegomena for a book; now I would see a book as prolegomena for the notes.”

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